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Welcome to Amity Green Room

MAssage & Bodywork

We are a small local massage studio located in North Central Austin. Robert and Britton are partnered with Amity Psychological Services for your mind-body needs.

Daily activities such as work, family, school and other physical activities take a toll on our bodies. Physical effects of stress can leave you feeling tired, irritable, sore, and unmotivated. Taking time to care for yourself is a necessity and not a luxury as we often times fool ourselves into believing. A proactive approach to wellness increases your quality of life and lifespan. 

When you wait until you have pain, it often times takes even longer to alleviate the symptoms. It makes sense that if you treat your body well, it will allow you to do more. Visit our Services tab to guide you to the type of massage you prefer. Whether you just want to relax and fall asleep, work out the physical tension or a combination of both we do our best to achieve positive results.

At no additional cost we offer warm towels and your choice of aromatherapy or unscented lotion along with soothing music, and a relaxed environment to assist in reduction of stress.

We both have 6+ years of experience and believe that a balanced mind and body is a partnership between us and our clients. We realize that everyone has different needs and expectations of massage and bodywork. We enjoy working with you to get the best results possible.

Robert and Britton look forward to working with you on your journey.