We are pleased to provide the following services:

- Amity Green Room -

*Services are provided in 30/60/90/120 minute increments

Rain Drop Therapy Session 60/90- Developed by N Gary Young, ND of Young Living Oils, Rain Drop Therapy incorporates soothing, calming and energizing essential oils, manual technique and accupressure points. Application results in energy alignment, stress relief and system balance. The application is done using light to firm pressure to the feet and back.

Swedish Massage 30/60/90/120- Light to firm pressure to aid in blood and lymph flow as well as general relaxation.


Therapeutic Massage 30/60/90/120- Customized massage using firm to deep pressure and may include incorporation of trigger point/myofascial-release/stretches.


Hotstone Massage 90- Warm smooth stones are used during massage along with soothing light pressure to relax muscles and aids in detoxification.  


Lomi Lomi Massage 90- Coconut oil is used along with light to firm pressure in this Hawaiian inspired full body massage.


Sports Massage 30/60/90- Stretches and focus work to specifically address athletic related tension and/or injuries.

Foot Scrub- Exfoliating, moisturizing and relaxing add on to any service.


Aromatherapy- Optional addition of essential oil to massage.



**Please be advised that if you have had a recent surgery/injury (i.e. car accident, torn muscle, etc) it is        best to seek a physician's treatment before scheduling a massage.